In the mid-1980s, I began thinking about how to bring together two fascinating technical worlds, which also happen to be my two favorite passions: automobiles and watches. I wanted to create something that was unconventional - yet subtle - and with Swiss precision.

Then, when I asked myself what best symbolizes mobility and speed, I had the perfect solution. The speedometer, of course! With this in mind, I created a special wristwatch. The distinguished speedometer of the Carrera RS 2.7 had the ideal face. So ideal, that I produced it in miniature form, down to the last detail. Its needle became the minute hand, complemented by an understated black hour hand.

The idea was met with an enthusiastic response. I began to receive several orders - and not only for the RS 2.7; requests to create other designs began pouring in. Over time, the entire project grew. The only thing missing, however, was a name. What could be better than Motochron? A name that combines two passions.

By the end of 1991, Motochron watches were selling briskly. Then, our first Chronometer was introduced in 1992. That, too, met with incredible demand.